Mary Ann Caws (ed.): Manifesto: A Century of Isms (2001)

16 November 2017, dusan

“An anthology featuring over 200 artistic and cultural manifestos from a wide range of countries. It includes texts ranging from Kurt Schwitters’ ‘Cow Manifesto’ to those written in the name of well-known movements – imagism, cubism, surrealism, symbolism, and projectivism – and less well-known ones – lettrism, acmeism, concretism, and rayonism.”

Publisher University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 2001
ISBN 0803264070, 9780803264076
xxxiv+713 pages

Reviews: Greil Marcus (Artforum, 2001), Publishers Weekly (2001), Gail McDonald (symploke, 2003), Cynthia Ellen Patton (College Literature, 2003).


PDF (14 MB, updated on 2017-11-21)

William C. Wees: Vorticism and the English Avant-Garde (1972)

6 March 2014, dusan

An early study on the English avant-garde movement.

Publisher University of Toronto Press, and Manchester University Press, 1972
ISBN 0719005043
273 pages

Commentary (Wallace Martin, Contemporary Literature, 1974)
Review (George Waterston, Canadian Literature, 2013)

PDF (106 MB, no OCR)
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Owen Hatherley: Militant Modernism (2009)

14 October 2013, dusan

“This book is a defence of Modernism against its defenders. In readings of modern design, film, pop and especially architecture, it attempts to reclaim a revolutionary modernism against its absorption into the heritage industry and the aesthetics of the luxury flat. Militant Modernism features new readings of some familiar names – Bertolt Brecht, Le Corbusier – but more on the lesser known, quotidian modernists of the 20th century. The chapters range from a study of industrial and brutalist aesthetics in Britain, Russian Constructivism in architecture, the Sexpol of Wilhelm Reich in film and design, and the alienation effects of Brecht and Hanns Eisler on record and on screen – all arguing for a Modernism of everyday life, immersed in questions of socialism, sexual politics and technology.”

Publisher Zero Books, 2009
ISBN 1846941768, 9781846941764
146 pages

Reviews: Will Self (London Review of Books, 2012), PD Smith (The Guardian, 2009), Jonathan Meades (New Statesman, 2009), Dan Hicks (Planning Perspectives, 2009), Kat Koh (2011).

Interview (Andrew Stevens, 3:AM Magazine, 2009)