Jacques Ellul: Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes (1962/1973)

31 August 2011, dusan

“A far more frightening work than any of the nightmare novels of George Orwell. With the logic which is the great instrument of French thought, [Ellul] explores and attempts to prove the thesis that propaganda, whether its ends are demonstrably good or bad, is not only destructive to democracy, it is perhaps the most serious threat to humanity operating in the modern world.” –Los Angeles Times

Originally published in French as Propagandes by A. Colin, Paris, 1962.
Translated by Konrad Kellen and Jean Lerner
With an introduction by Konrad Kellen
Publisher Vintage Books, Random House, New York, 1973 (reprint of the Alfred A. Knopf 1965 edition)
Vintage political science and social criticism
ISBN 0394718747, 9780394718743
332 pages

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George Prochnik: In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise (2010)

31 August 2011, dusan

A brilliant, far-reaching exploration of the frontiers of noise and silence, and the growing war between them.

Between iPods, music-blasting restaurants, earsplitting sports stadiums, and endless air and road traffic, the place for quiet in our lives grows smaller by the day. In Pursuit of Silence gives context to our increasingly desperate sense that noise pollution is, in a very real way, an environmental catastrophe. Traveling across the country and meeting and listening to a host of incredible characters, including doctors, neuroscientists, acoustical engineers, monks, activists, educators, marketers, and aggrieved citizens, George Prochnik examines why we began to be so loud as a society, and what it is that gets lost when we can no longer find quiet.

Publisher Doubleday, Random House, 2010
ISBN 0385528884, 9780385528887
352 pages

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Anri Sala: Entre chien et loup / When the Night Calls it a Day (2004) [French/English]

29 August 2011, dusan

Cette publication a été réalisée à l’occasion de l’exposition de Anri Sala Entre chien et loup au Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris du 25 mars au 16 mai 2004. Pour la première fois, ce livre témoigne de la diversité de l’oeuvre d’Anri Sala, qui s’est imposé très vite comme un des acteurs majeurs de l’art d’aujourd’hui. Anri Sala, né à Tirana, en 1974, explore le politique dans un travail où la composante esthétique reste essentielle.

Contributions by Suzanne Pagé, Laurence Bossé, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Julia Garimorth, Patricia Falguières, Jacques Rancière, Israel Rosenfield, Alexandre .. Daniel Costanzo, Molly Nesbit, Philippe Parreno

This publication accompanies the exhibition of Anri Sala “Entre chien et loup” held by Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris from March 25 until May 16, 2004.
Coordination Julia Garimorth
Publisher Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne, 2004
ISBN 388375806X, 9783883758060
200 pages

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Jonathan Harris (ed.): Art, Money, Parties: New Institutions in the Political Economy of Contemporary Art (2004)

29 August 2011, dusan

This collection of essays sets out to identify and examine the kinds of new institutions and social relations that have emerged and begun to shape the global organisation of contemporary visual art over the past twenty-five years. These institutions and relations, contributors argue, are not simply implicated in the exhibition of art – more than that, they have come to play significant roles in commissioning art production as well as mediating its reception in a number of different ways. Given this reorganisation, the set of concepts through which the ‘art world’ can be thought must be radically reviewed. Developments and transformations in, for example, patronage and managerial arrangements – on a global scale – have begun to outrun existing assumptions, categories and accounts. Terms such as ‘institution’, ‘means of production’ and ‘art world’ itself are invoked and critically scrutinised in all of the essays in this book. Some authors address these and other concepts within detailed empirical case studies, others by experimental application of novel theoretical premises.

This collection also includes discussion by those directly involved in the production and selling of contemporary art, reviewing the increasingly internationalised network now ordering contemporary art’s conditions of production, mediation and consumption. This book shows the complex interaction of the socio-political forces that bear on the art world as well as the tensions between those with different interests in art, raising vital questions about the changed relations between art, society and politics.

Publisher Liverpool University Press, 2004
Volume 7 of Tate Liverpool Critical Forum
ISBN 0853237395, 9780853237396
216 pages

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Hannah Higgins: Fluxus Experience (2002)

28 August 2011, dusan

“In this work, Hannah Higgins explores the influential art movement Fluxus. Daring, disparate, contentious—Fluxus artists worked with minimal and prosaic materials now familiar in post-World War II art. Higgins describes the experience of Fluxus for viewers, even experiences resembling sensory assaults, as affirming transactions between self and world.

Fluxus began in the 1950s with artists from around the world who favored no single style or medium but displayed an inclination to experiment. Two formats are unique to Fluxus: a type of performance art called the Event, and the Fluxkit multiple, a collection of everyday objects or inexpensive printed cards collected in a box that viewers explore privately. Higgins examines these two setups to bring to life the Fluxus experience, how it works, and how and why it’s important. She does so by moving out from the art itself in what she describes as a series of concentric circles: to the artists who create Fluxus, to the creative movements related to Fluxus (and critics’ and curators’ perceptions and reception of them), to the lessons of Fluxus art for pedagogy in general.

Although it was commonly associated with political and cultural activism in the 1960s, Fluxus struggled against being pigeonholed in these too-prescriptive and narrow terms. Higgins, the daughter of the Fluxus artists Alison Knowles and Dick Higgins, makes the most of her personal connection to the movement by sharing her firsthand experience, bringing an astounding immediacy to her writing and a palpable commitment to shedding light on what Fluxus is and why it matters.”

Publisher University of California Press, 2002
ISBN 0520228677, 9780520228672
259 pages

Review: Ágnes Ivacs (Artpool, n.d.).


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