Near Futures Online, 1: Europe at a Crossroads (2016)

31 March 2016, dusan

Europe at a Crossroads, the pilot issue of Near Futures Online, examines the recent history and potential fate of the two faces of “crisis” in today’s Europe, namely: the resistance and eventual surrender of the Greek government to the dictates of its creditors, and the growing tensions regarding the reception of asylum seekers and the place of immigrants in the EU.”

Near Futures Online, the online companion of Zone Books’ Near Futures series, is a forum dedicated to the analysis of the challenges borne out of national governments’ and international institutions’ responses to some critical events – the financial crisis of 2008, the “Arab Springs” of 2011 – as well as ongoing developments such as climate change and soaring inequalities. Organized around a specific question, each issue of NFO brings together scholars, journalists, political activists, and artists, and includes contributions belonging to different genres and using a variety of media – essays and reportages, interviews and dialogues, photo essays and videos. Contributors are invited to address questions raised by NFO through an engagement with particular debates, histories, policies, and actors as well as to examine their possible trajectories in the near future.”

Edited by Michel Feher, William Callison, Milad Odabaei, and Aurélie Windels
Publisher Zone Books, Mar 2016
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Trinh T. Minh-ha: Elsewhere, Within Here: Immigration, Refugeeism and the Boundary Event (2010)

4 December 2015, dusan

Elsewhere, Within Here is an engaging look at travel across national borders–as a foreigner, a tourist, an immigrant, a refugee—in a pre- and post-9/11 world. Who is welcome where? What does it mean to feel out of place in the country you call home? When does the stranger appear in these times of dark metamorphoses? These are some of the issues addressed by the author as she examines the cultural meaning and complexities of travel, immigration, home and exile. The boundary, seen both as a material and immaterial event, is where endings pass into beginnings. Building upon themes present in her earlier work on hybridity and displacement in the median passage, and illuminating the ways in which ‘every voyage can be said to involve a re-siting of boundaries,’ Trinh T. Minh-ha leads her readers through an investigation of what it means to be an insider and an outsider in this ‘epoch of global fear.'”

Publisher Routledge, 2010
ISBN 0415880211, 9780415880213
vii+139 pages
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Author’s talk on Said’s work (audio, 18 min)

Reviews: Shinhyung Choi (Dark Matter 2011), Delila Omerbašić (Journal of Refugee Studies 2013).


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Tanja Ostojić: Strategies of Success / Curators Series, 2001-2003 (2004) [English/Serbian/French]

5 August 2012, dusan

“Tanja Ostojić is an interdisciplinary artist from Belgrade who lives and works in Berlin. In her provocative performances, she investigates the position of women within contemporary cultural and political power regimes. She uses persiflage, provocation and irony as strategies to expose and subvert the exclusionary mechanisms of European immigration policies and the hierarchies within the Western art world.

In the years 2001 to 2003, Tanja Ostojić worked on the series Strategies of Success / Curator Series, which consists of performances, installations, photographs and a journal. In I’ll Be Your Angel (2001) she accompanied the curator Harald Szeemann during the opening of the 49th Venice Biennale, never leaving his side. She “presented” her conceptual body art work Black Square on White (2001), in which her pubic hair was trimmed in a square, by keeping it hidden. Tanja Ostojić’s other public actions include taking a bubble bath with the Italian curator Bartolomeo Pietromarchi and art critic Ludovico Pratesi in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome as the lovely ending to a shared gala dinner, and washing the feet of the Belgrade-based curator Stevan Vuković in Sofa for Curator (2002). The only traces of the non-public performance with the Albanian curator Edi Muka, Vacation with Curator (2003), are the photographs taken by the paparazzi she hired. In her work Politics of queer curatorial positions: After Rosa von Praunheim, Fassbinder and Bridge Markland (2003) she and the Slovenian curator and theorist Marina Gržinić re-enact an iconographic scene featuring Gabrielle d’Estrées, mistress to King Henry IV of France, and one of her sisters.” source

With texts by Marina Gržinić, Suzana Milevska, Tanja Ostojić.

Publisher Galérie La Box, Paris, with Student Cultural Center, Belgrade, 2004
Translations by Laurence Chamlou, Danielle Charonnet, Dušan Djordjević Mileusnić
ISBN 2910164322, 9782910164324
144 pages

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