Mira Mattar (ed.): You Must Make Your Death Public: A Collection of Texts and Media on the Work of Chris Kraus (2015)

24 April 2015, dusan

“Since her first book, I Love Dick, published in 1997, writer and film-maker Chris Kraus has authored a further six books ranging from fiction to art criticism to political commentary, via continental philosophy, feminism, critical and queer theory.

This collection begins to engage with questions Kraus’ work raises: where, if at all, is the line between ‘life’ as private and ‘practice’ as public? How, if one subject is always performing one or other of these, can they be delineated? How does this map onto the relations between other ever blurring not-quite-binaries: artwork and critic, subject and object, masochist and sadist, unknown and known, embodied and disembodied, fiction and criticism?

This book assembles all the talks and media presented at Aliens & Anorexia: A Chris Kraus Symposium, which took place in March 2013 at the Royal College of Art, London.”

With contributions by Travis Jeppesen, Helen Stuhr-Rommereim, Hestia Peppé, Samira Ariadad, Beth Rose Caird, Jesse Dayan, Karolin Meunier, Linda Stupart, Lodovico Pignatti Morano, Trine Riel, Rachal Bradley, David Morris, Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield and Chris Kraus.

Publisher Mute Publishing, London and Berlin, 2015
Anti copyright
ISBN 9781906496647
134 pages



Carl Andre, Hollis Frampton: 12 Dialogues, 1962–1963 (1980)

1 April 2015, dusan

Twelve conversations between the minimalist sculptor Carl Andre and his close friend, photographer-filmmaker Hollis Frampton, about sculpture, photography, painting, music, literature, poetry and film. The two generated the dialogues over the course of a year, from October 1962 to September 1963 mostly on evenings and weekends in Andre’s one-room apartment in Brooklyn. A number of the dialogues begin with a discussion of recently shared art encounters, proceeding to examine a wide range of topics, including the development of avant-garde aesthetics, the significance of Duchamp, the legacy of the New York School, the relevance of photography, etc.

Edited and annotated by Benjamin H.D. Buchloh
Publisher The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and New York University Press, 1980
ISBN 0919616178, 9780919616172
134 pages
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PDF (first 93 of 134 pages, 24 MB)

Seth Kim-Cohen: Against Ambience (2013)

28 February 2015, dusan

Against Ambience diagnoses – in order to cure – the art world’s recent turn toward ambience. Over the course of three short months – June to September, 2013 – the four most prestigious museums in New York indulged the ambience of sound and light: James Turrell at the Guggenheim, Soundings at MoMA, Robert Irwin at the Whitney, and Janet Cardiff at the Met. In addition, two notable shows at smaller galleries indicate that this is not simply a major-donor movement. Collectively, these shows constitute a proposal about what we want from art in 2013.

It’s impossible to play possum. While we’re in the soft embrace of light, the NSA and Facebook are still collecting our data, the money in our bank accounts is still being used to fund who-knows-what without our knowledge or consent, the government we elected is still imprisoning and targeting people with whom we have no beef. We deserve an art that is the equal of our information age. Not one that parrots the age’s self-assertions or modes of dissemination, but an art that is hyper-aware, vigilant, active, engaged, and informed.

We are now one hundred years clear of Duchamp’s first readymades. So why should we find ourselves so thoroughly in thrall to ambience? Against Ambience argues for an art that acknowledges its own methods and intentions; its own position in the structures of cultural power and persuasion. Rather than the warm glow of light or the soothing wash of sound, Against Ambience proposes an art that cracks the surface of our prevailing patterns of encounter, initiating productive disruptions and deconstructions.”

Publisher Bloomsbury, 2013
ISBN 9781628921366

Interview about the book (EarRoom, 2013)
Review: Joseph Nechvatal (On Verge, 2014).

Author’s blog


See also sound art page on Monoskop

Max Neuhaus: Sound Works, 3 vols. (1994)

1 January 2015, dusan

“Neuhaus’s oeuvre is diverse, ranging from works in the plastic arts, drawings, music, sound walks, communal sound signals, aural spaces composed of communication networks, sound topographies in water, to inventions of sound-producing and dispersing systems and sound applied to problems of urban and personal design. The structure of separate volumes was chosen to clarify: to encompass the oeuvre, while allowing each of its diverse parts to remain distinct on its own ground.

The first volume projects an overview with many voices, including his own. The second articulates some of the issues surrounding his drawings which are unusual partly because of their invisible subject: sound. The third volume contains the works which use sound to transform space into place.” (from the Preface, edited)

Volume I contains texts by Calvin Tomkins, Jean-Christophe Ammann, Carter Ratcliff, John Rockwell, Joan La Barbara, Tom Johnson, Arthur Danto, Wulf Herzogenrath, Harald Szeemann, Alain Cueff, Franz Kaiser, Susanne Weingarten, Denys Zacharopoulos, Doris van Drathen, Germano Celant, interviews with Neuhaus by William Duckworth and Ulrich Loock, and texts and lectures by Neuhaus.

Publisher Cantz, Ostfildern, 1994
ISBN 3893225323
144 & 55 & 79 pages
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Volume I: Inscriptions (29 MB)
Volume II: Drawings (8 MB)
Volume III: Place (6 MB)

See also Max Neuhaus, Evocare l’udibile / Évoquer l’auditif, 1995.

Calvin Tomkins: The Bride and the Bachelors: Five Masters of the Avant-Garde (1965/1976)

29 July 2014, dusan

A classic work of art criticism. The chapters on Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Jean Tinguely, Robert Rauschenberg, and Merce Cunningham by an author also known for his work for Radio Free Europe, Newsweek, and The New Yorker.

First published by Viking Press, 1965
Viking Compass Edition with a new Introduction and expanded text published 1968
This edition by Penguin, 1976
ISBN 0140043136
306 pages

Download (36 MB, no OCR)

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