Diana Taylor: ¡Presente! The Politics of Presence (2020)

7 December 2020, dusan

“In ¡Presente! Diana Taylor asks what it means to be physically and politically present in situations where it seems that nothing can be done. As much an act, a word, an attitude, a theoretical intervention, and a performance pedagogy, Taylor maps ¡presente! at work in scenarios ranging from conquest, through colonial enactments and resistance movements, to present moments of capitalist extractivism and forced migration in the Americas. ¡Presente!—present among, with, and to; a walking and talking with others; an ontological and epistemic reflection on presence and subjectivity as participatory and relational, founded on mutual recognition—requires rethinking and unlearning in ways that challenge colonial epistemologies. Showing how knowledge is not something to be harvested but a process of being, knowing, and acting with others, Taylor models a way for scholarship to be present in political struggles.”

Publisher Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2020
Dissident Acts series
ISBN 9781478009443, 1478009446
xii+329 pages


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Suely Rolnik: Esferas da insurreição: notas para uma vida não cafetinada (2018–) [BR-PT, ES]

17 November 2020, dusan

“Este livro é como uma belíssima larva que cresce no esterco: a ondulação e a suavidade aveludada do pensamento de Suely Rolnik, seu riso contagioso, a falta de vergonha e de medo lhe permite entrar nas camadas mais obscuras do fascismo contemporâneo, nos guiar nos lugares que mais nos aterrorizam e tirar dali algo com o que construir um horizonte de vida coletiva, uma artista cuja matéria é a pulsão. Uma cultivadora dos bichos-da-seda da “izquierda bajo la piel”. Não se pode pedir mais de uma escritora: devir-larva, cartografar a lama com a mesma precisão com que outro cartografaria uma mina de ouro. Por isso, leitores, adentrem com essa larva no magma da besta e busquem os germens da vida que, ainda que desconheçam, os rodeiam, e que, com uma torção do olhar, poderiam ser seus – poderia ser sua própria vida.” (Paul B. Preciado)

Preface by Paul B. Preciado
Publisher n-1, São Paulo, 2018
ISBN 9788566943597, 8566943597
206 pages

Reviews: Tiago da Silva Porto (IDE, 2019, BR-PT), Alessandra Aparecida Dias Aguiar & Pedro Xavier Russo Bonetto (Filos.e Educ., 2020, BR-PT), Nazaret Castro Buzon (Amazonas, 2019, ES), Maximiliano Reyes (Enclave Comuhae, 2019, ES), Gabriela Cornet (Recial, 2020, ES).

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Esferas da insurreição (BR-Portuguese, 2018)
Esferas de la insurrección (Spanish, trans. Cecilia Palmeiro, Marcia Cabrera, and Damian Kraus, 2019)

James Mark, Artemy Kalinovsky, Steffi Marung (eds.): Alternative Globalizations: Eastern Europe and the Postcolonial World (2020)

6 October 2020, dusan

“Globalization has become synonymous with the seemingly unfettered spread of capitalist multinationals, but this focus on the West and western economies ignores the wide variety of globalizing projects that sprang up in the socialist world as a consequence of the end of the European empires. This collection is the first to explore alternative forms of globalization across the socialist world during the Cold War. Gathering the work of established and upcoming scholars of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and China, Alternative Globalizations addresses the new relationships and interconnections which emerged between a decolonizing world in the postwar period and an increasingly internationalist eastern bloc after the death of Stalin. In many cases, the legacies of these former globalizing impulses from the socialist world still exist today. Divided into four sections, the works gathered examine the economic, political, developmental, and cultural aspects of this exchange. In doing so, the authors break new ground in exploring this understudied history of globalization and provide a multifaceted study of an increasing postwar interconnectedness across a socialist world.”

Publisher Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 2020
ISBN 9780253046505, 0253046505
vii+341 pages

Reviews: Jelena Đureinović (Studies of Transition States and Societies, 2020), Markus Sattler (Eurasian Geography and Economics, 2020), Ondřej Bělíček (A2larm, 2020, CZ).

Interviews with co-author (James Mark): Zoltán Ginelli (LeftEast, 2020, Part 2, Part 3).

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