K.E. Shtayn (ed.), Three Centuries of Russian Metapoetics, Vol. 3: Avant-Garde: Cubo-Futurism, Ego-Futurism, Centrifuge, Rayonism, Imaginism, Proletkult, LEF, VAPP, Constructivism, Oberiu (2006) [Russian]

16 February 2014, dusan

An encyclopedic collection of Russian literary avant-garde writing of the first half of the 20th century.

Tri veka russkoy metapoetiki: Legitimatsiya diskursa, Tom 3: Pervaya polovina XX veka. Avangard: Kubofuturizm. Egofuturizm. Tsentrifuga. Luchizm. Imazhinizm. Proletkul’t. Lef. VAPP. Konstruktivizm. OBERIU
Publisher Izdatelstvo Stavropolskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta, Stavropol, 2006
ISBN 5886485120
830 pages

Russian avant-garde bibliography at Monoskop wiki

See also Russkaya metapoetika. Uchebnyy slovar, 2006
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Vasily Kamensky: Tango With Cows: Ferro-Concrete Poems (1914) [Russian]

12 January 2014, dusan

Tango With Cows is an artists’ book by the Russian futurist poet Vasily Kamensky, with three drawings by the brothers David and Vladimir Burliuk. Printed in an edition of 300, the work has become famous primarily for being made entirely of commercially produced wallpaper, with a series of concrete poems – visual poems that employ unusual typographic layouts for expressive effect – printed onto the recto of each page.

Beginning with a drawing by Vladimir Burliuk of a woman, the poems are split into two sections; the first contains 8 concrete poems that use multiple fonts and unusual spacings to express sounds and textures. Telephone, for instance, starts with ‘Telephone No. 2B_128 / rgrgrrrrrr______rrg’. The second group of 6 are arranged within diagonal grids, that evoke both the cubist paintings of Picasso and Braque, and the moulds that are used to make reinforced concrete. These poems refer directly to aerial views, maps and floor-plans. (from Wikipedia)

Tango s korovami: zhelezobetonnye poemy [Танго С Коровами: Железобетонныя Поэмы]
Published in Moscow, 1914
36 pages
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PDF (single-page PDF of a volume bound in a slightly different order)
Eduardo Kac’s translation of the poem “Telephone”
TangoWithCows.com, a project to translate the book into English (forthcoming mid-2014)

Vladimir Markov: Russian Futurism: A History (1968)

3 May 2013, dusan

“Vladimir Markov’s Russian Futurism: A History is the classic in its field. Its learned account of Russian avant-garde poetics with respect to various forms and genres-poems, plays, artist’s books, manifestos-is still the first I turn to when I want to review the critical information about Futurist manifestos or Khlebnikov’s long poems and stories, or the collaborations of Goncharova and Kruchenykh.” – Marjorie Perloff

Publisher University of California Press, 1968
ISBN 9780520008113
467 pages
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Reviews: Helen Muchnic (Russian Review, 1969), Xenia Gasiorowska (Slavic and East European Journal, 1970), Maurice Friedberg (Problems of Communism, 1970), Edward Wasiolek (Modern Philology, 1972).