Film Culture, 43: Expanded Arts (1966)

5 March 2016, dusan

This special issue of 1960s New York’s avant-garde film quarterly is an all Fluxus tabloid newsprint issue featuring George Maciunas, Jonas Mekas, Henry Flynt, Ken Dewey, Gerd Stern, Stan VanDerBeek, Robert Whitman, et al.

From the Introduction: “The purpose of this Special Issue of Film Culture, EXPANDED ARTS, is twofold: a) to give to our readers and idea about what’s going on in the avantgarde arts today, and b) to serve as a sort of catalogue or index to the work of some of the artists involved.

This issue started as an index to the artists working in the area of Expanded Cinema. Only as we went along, our original conception changed and we decided to include all the other arts. EXPANDED ARTS – we intend to come out with other issues–will eventually include all areas of expanded performing arts. This issue, however, is dominated by the Expanded Cinema, Expanded Music, Expanded Gags and Readymades, and some Happenings. And not all of the artists working in those areas are represented. Some of them were simply too bnusy to get the necessary information in time. Many are missing; such as Lucinda Childs, Merce Cunningham, Ken Dewey, Oyvind Fahlstrom, Al Hansen, Allan Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg, Yvonne Rainer, Robert Rauschenberg, Ben Van Meter, Robert Whitman etc.”

Introduction … 1
Expanded Cinema: A Symposium N.Y. Film Festival 1966, panel members: Ken Dewey, Henry Geldzahler, John Gruen, Stan VanDerBeek & Robert Whitman” … 1
Interview with Ken Dewey by Fred Wellington … 2
USCO. Interview with Gerd Stern by Jonas Mekas … 3
The Blue Mouse and the Movie Experience by Sheldon Renan … 4
To Be Alive! and the Multi-Screen Film by Maxine Haleff … 4
Notions on a New Dance Program by Gregory Battcock … 4
Triptape: An Interview with Richard Aldcroft by Gordon Ball … 4
Mock Risk Games – A Psychological Exploration (June 1961-1966) by Henry Flynt … 5
The Images of Robert Whitman by Toby Mussman … 5
Expanded Arts Bourse … 5
Fluxfest … 6
Expanded Arts Diagram by George Maciunas … 7
Movie Journals by Jonas Mekas … 10

Edited by Jonas Mekas
Publisher Film Culture, New York, Winter 1966
Design George Maciunas
ISSN 0015-1211
12 pages, 56 x 43 cm
via Walker Art Center


PDF (24 MB)

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Michel Chion: Film, a Sound Art (2003/2009)

29 January 2015, dusan

“French critic and composer Michel Chion argues that watching movies is more than just a visual exercise—it enacts a process of audio-viewing. The audiovisual makes use of a wealth of tropes, devices, techniques, and effects that convert multiple sensations into image and sound, therefore rendering, instead of reproducing, the world through cinema.

The first half of Film, A Sound Art considers developments in technology, aesthetic trends, and individual artistic style that recast the history of film as the evolution of a truly audiovisual language. The second half explores the intersection of auditory and visual realms. With restless inventiveness, Chion develops a rhetoric that describes the effects of audio-visual combinations, forcing us to rethink sound film. He claims, for example, that the silent era (which he terms “deaf cinema”) did not end with the advent of sound technology but continues to function underneath and within later films. Expanding our appreciation of cinematic experiences ranging from Dolby multitrack in action films and the eerie tricycle of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining to the way actors from different nations use their voices and words, Film, A Sound Art showcases the vast knowledge and innovative thinking of a major theorist.”

First published as Art sonore, le cinema, 2003

Translated by Claudia Gorbman
Publisher Columbia University Press, 2009
ISBN 0231137761, 9780231137768
536 pages
via johnsonleow

Reviews: Knakkergaard (MedieKultur, 2010), Whittington (Music, Sound, and the Moving Image, 2010), Jaeckle (Quarterly Review of Film and Video, 2011).


PDF (Index missing, 58 MB, no OCR)
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eContact! 15(4): Videomusic: Overview of an Emerging Art Form (2014) [English, French]

11 August 2014, dusan

Videomusic is a field of practice that could be seen as a subset of visual music, a term which can be considered today to be familiar enough to speak for itself. This broader area of artistic activity includes digital work, cinema, painting and visual “instruments”, and dates back at least to the 18th century.

Contributions by Maura McDonnell, Patrick Saint-Denis, Inés Wickmann, Joseph Hyde and Jean Piché, Laurie Radford, Nicolas Wiese, Claudia Robles-Angel, Diego Garro, Andrew Lewis, Jon Weinel and Stuart Cunningham, and David Candler. Interviews by Bob Gluck with Mario Davidovsky, Alfredo Del Mónaco and Sergio Cervetti, alcides lanza, and Edgar Valcárcel.

Editor jef chippewa
Publisher Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Montreal, April 2014

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